Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avoid Retail Shopping to Save $$$ to Find Deals, Steals, & Freebies

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I hope that your weekend is going well.

I wanted to share a few ideas with you today.  Since so many of us are feeling the bite of the sluggish economy and the proverbial 'wolf is pawing at the door', it's time to remember to opt for gently used or almost new items first BEFORE shopping for new when you can.

I always try to do so.  On Friday my cousin and I went to browse one of the local thrift stores because I needed to purchase two picture frames for a project. I did not find what I had originally been searching for but I did grab a beautiful antique silver frame with velvet backing for less than $3!

We have many thrift stores in our area but I have learned that each store is different in certain ways. For instance, one store is cheapest to buy tools for my husband. Another store is fabulous for scoring new or barely used clothing for both kids and adults. Then there is a third I always go to in order to find the cheapest and best furniture and kitchen items.  My husband discovered and then taught me that the best time to shop the thrift stores is on a Monday morning, if you can.  The reason behind this is that flea market dealers tend to check all the stores first thing on Mondays in order to get the best deals for their stalls on the weekend.  Hmmm.... something to consider when you thrift shop.

There are a few other ways to score when you are in need of a particular item.  One I have tried and found to be really productive is which is a worldwide, almost 9 million member organization of folks who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Their mission is to reuse and keep good stuff out of landfills.

 Here is a second site that I intend to try soon: Swapstyle .  They are the world's #1 fashion swap site!

  A third site you may want to check out if you read or need books is called BookMooch where you 

can give your unwanted books away and find books you may be looking for. :-D

If you find a super deal that you want to brag about, be sure to share it with me by posting it in the comments box below!  I'd LOVE to hear about them! 

Okay.........on your mark, get set, and GO deal hunting !


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