Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Good Evening, Friends & Faithful Followers!

I am exhausted and ecstatic this evening!  I just returned from my favorite Publix Supermarket about two hours ago with a very LONG register tape.  My savings was about 75% of what I spent!!!!
Woo hoo!!!  I actually had an order total of $180.59 after a savings total of $134.86!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also received a Publix gift card for $20 for having a pre-coupon total of well over $200 dollars!  If I calculate the gift card in with my savings, that means I actually "earned" 85% savings on my grocery trip.  I think that a $154.86 return on my investment of time clipping coupons, sorting coupons, and matching up the coupons for things I need and will use with the current store sale ad is a nice little profit!

I am quite content with my efforts.  A $154.86 paycheck for less than a day's work is very nice in this economy.  

How did I accomplish this?  Well, let's see.  I normally receive three Sunday newspapers and clip the coupons from the inserts, the Parade magazine, and the newspaper itself.  Then I head over to the Southern Savers ( link ) website, click on the link to my favorite store, read the current store sale & use the checklist feature to plan my shopping trip according to what I need for the week.  Then I click the links she has for online coupons that are available and pertain to the current sale. I print out the ones that I plan to use.  I then comb through my stash of coupons to see what I have that matches up to the store sales.  I also check the store flyers for in-store coupons.  I love the way that these stores accept both a manufacturer coupon and their own store coupon for the same item.  (It is called "stacking".)
My store also has BOGO (buy one-get one free) sales.  They will accept one coupon for the item you buy and one for the one you are getting for free, since you are technically "purchasing" the second item.  (You  need to check with your store to make sure that this is an accepted practice if they offer BOGO sales.)

With the proper planning and organization, anyone can do this!  Check out the 60+ website links to the left of this post to see what you can do this week!  I challenge you to follow me on the road to Super Savings!
Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know how you did!  I will be excited to hear how you met my challenge with success!!!


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