Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Couponing - Is It Worth It?

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As I sat here exhausted last evening and looked at the stack of uncut coupon inserts beside me and the printed sheets of Internet coupons I had acquired over the past week, I asked myself:  "Am I really saving enough to go to all this trouble?", "Is it worth it to gather so many coupons for things my family and I use?", and "Do the cashiers hate to see me coming into their lane?" :-)

After reviewing most of my grocery and drugstore receipts, my doubts quickly disappeared.  I usually save 50% at the grocery store and about the same at the drugstore.  I can almost always find online codes to use when purchasing items on the Internet (like RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin).  I also always go through an online savings portal before heading to the online stores to save even more (such as eBates and ShopAtHome).  I have even gotten discounts at the dentist, the doctor, and and other lesser known places to check for savings!  My sons tease me endlessly about being a "deal scout".

This morning I discovered an article that said it all (as if I hadn't confirmed it for myself).

                        Extreme Couponing One Year Later

Read the article above for yourself.  She has some great ideas and confirms couponing as a worthwhile activity.


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