Sunday, February 12, 2012

House Party Report

Good Sunday Afternoon, Friends & Faithful Followers!

Just wanted to share that we had a super time at our MegaRed "Love Your Heart" House Party yesterday!  I met a new friend called Mary #2 (long story) :-).  I enjoyed chatting with long-time friends and family.  Best of all, I had a great deal of fun giving out the MegaRed gift packs (all of the items which I received for FREE from HouseParty, Inc.)! See this photo of our pretty tablescape:

MegaRed products from the House Party hostess pack included:
14 MegaRed water bottles
28 MegaRed samples
14 MegaRed coupons
2 MegaRed 30 ct. products
1 MegaRed pedometer
1 MegaRed display board

I provided the tablecloth, the plates, cups, utensils, food and beverages.  My guests brought friends and provided the entertaining conversation.  We discussed our lives, families, and most importantly our health.  We urged one another to make our own health a priority in our busy lives.  It was a fun get-together and the best part was ALL THE FREE STUFF FROM HOUSE PARTY, INC.!!!

If you would like the opportunity to host your very own FREE House Party, click on the link below:

Let me know what you think about my party pack or tell me about a House Party you have applied for by leaving a comment below!


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