Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apple iPad 2 Raffle

Good Evening, Friends & Faithful Followers,

I just received this e-mail from a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford.  She needs our help in her research.  The reward is a chance to win an iPad.  Click here for direct link!

Give it a try.  Forward this information on your Facebook page or add the link to your Twitter account.  Whatever social network you use, give her a hand with her research and please post her content on your social network of choice!

Please forward our message to your friends and mailing lists. It will make a difference!
Our research team at Stanford University is inviting participants to a simple online study.

As a token of appreciation we will hold an Apple iPad 2 raffle at the end of the study. 

Go to:

Please forward this message to your friends and mailing lists. It will really make the difference.

Thank you very much,
Nicolas Kokkalis
Ph.D. candidate
Stanford MobiSocial Group
353 Serra Mall, Stanford CA

Thank you for your help! I always support education :-)


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