Friday, June 11, 2010

Saving money just makes cents


Life sometimes gets in the way of saving for retirement, vacations, college, home improvements, etc.  There are many sites on the web for saving a few dollars and cents here and there.  Bit by bit these savings add up to fund practical (and sometimes not-so-practical) purchases.  BECENTSABLE is a great site for saving money up front.

Another great site is EBATES - where earn a percentage back on your online purchases.

I love the checks I get from EBATES.  They actually read "BIG FAT CHECK"!  Getting one in the mail every quarter is like having "found" money!

For those of us who have children still at home, grandchildren to dote on, and grown children needing a helping hand from time to time, saving every penny is imperative.
REDPLUM (those handy newspaper coupon inserts in the Sunday paper) also has a web site.  You can find some great deals and super savings on things you use every day.

Frugal Coupon Living offers a illuminating tutorial on coupon matching, thrifty shopping habits, and retail  lingo.  I use this site every week to plan my shopping and match up my coupons.  I have yet to reach the stellar acomplishment of a hundred dollars of groceries for 49 cents, but I am getting closer each week.

Review the sites above and post a comment with any other recommended savings sites.  We are in this economy together!

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